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Micro Drone 3.0

A Drone for Everyone

It’s small, maneuverable and customizable. Whether you’re an expert pilot or a first-timer, Micro Drone is for you.
A Drone for Everyone


Mashable UK


"Micro Drone 3.0 is the first of its size to feature a user-controlled gimbal equipped with tiny servo motors that will let pilots control the angle of the camera attached to Drone 3.0’s belly."




"One of Indiegogo’s finest. There’s a little camera on the Drone, too. Anyone can fly this and don’t need to have a pilot license."




"Micro Drone 3.0 offers VR and self-stabilised 720p video and 3D printable customisation. Not bad for an affordable, palm sized quadcopter."




"Micro Drone 3.0 upgrades the quality of camera to 720p HD— all the better for your social media live broadcasting needs."




"Micro Drone was at WIRED Next Generation Hub, and fans of flight stopped by the spot to admire the maneuvers of its latest model, Micro Drone 3.0."

Take Video - Amazing HD Aerial Shots
Micro Drone 3.0's Camera Module shoots 720p x 1280HD video. It simply snaps onto the Drone with magnets then connects to your smartphone to stream live, so you can see what you're shooting in real-time. Perfect for capturing those special moments.

Smartphone or Radio - It's Dual Control
Micro Drone includes a professional Radio Handset but also allows you to fly with your mobile device (iOS and Android). Fly with multiple devices using the App or Handset, even a combination of both.
High Performance Li-Po Battery
Micro Drone 3.0's new hot-swappable battery is designed like a cartridge for quick release - there are no hanging wires. You can have a few batteries all prepped, then it's just a 15 second pit stop to refuel.
The World's Smallest Gimbal
The Micro Gimbal conveniently snaps onto the Drone with magnets. It allows you to position the Camera in flight as well as intelligently maintain a steady shot. Designed for easy takeoff and landing, retracting to the side.
First Person View Flying

First Person View Flying

View live streaming drone footage in 3D with a VR headset. FPV (first person view) puts you in the pilot’s seat, providing an immersive flying experience.

First Person View Flying

3D Print Your Drone

Hold your ultimate fantasy in your hands. With 3D printing there’s no limit when customizing your Micro Drone 3.0.

3D Print Your Drone

Fully Featured Accompanying App

Micro Drone 3.0 has a companion App that is feature rich and intuitively designed. By utilising a device most people already own, the Drone becomes an extension of the smart phone and something that can be used in people’s everyday lives.

App Download

Additional Information


Micro Drone 3.0 Combo Pack


It’s small, smart and streams Live HD footage to your iOS or Android smartphone, that’s just the beginning of Micro Drone 3.0.

Battery must only be used with Micro Drone 3.0 charger and charged before use.


HD Video Camera Module
Designed for FPV
Smart orientation 
Controllable with multiple devices 
Manual flips and free flying acrobatics 
Live Streaming 2.4GHz WIFI
Self-stabilizing CPU 
Flies inverted upside down 
Robust metal structure 
Magnetic modular design for easy maintenance 
3 speeds for all abilities 
Sensor assisted flying 
Agile flight

Full set combo pack contains:

  • Micro Drone 3.0,
  • Propeller Guards,
  • 2.4GHZ Handset, 
  • Rechargeable Battery, 
  • USB Charger, 
  • 4 x Standard Blades, 
  • 4 x Inverted Blades 
  • WiFi Camera Module (HD)
    • 720p x 1280HD resolution that streams as well as stores locally to Micro SD card.(Micro SD card not included)
  • Smartphone Holder
    • (Attaches to the handset.)
  • DODO case First Person View (FPV) Viewer 

Download the accompanying App and select 3D mode to create and immersive flying experience.